About Us

Who's responsible for this mess!?

That would be us, Mango & June, aka Russ & Michelle. We are doing this blog to establish an alibi...oops... chronicle our journey as we aimlessly wander around the country.

Why would anyone be foolish enough to do that?

Our parole officer said that we should re-acquaint ourselves with society and we figured this was a good way to do that. Actually, we have a whole bunch of free time on our hands after retiring and we figure this will soak up a good bit of it.

So follow along as we travel here and/or there in "Edna" which is an acronym for 'Every Day New Adventure'. Edna is our getaway RV, be it a bank heist or life in general.

Join our gang!

We might even cut you in on some of the loot money! Nah, we need it to buy beer and gas.

But follow along anyway and see what sort of trouble we can get into. With luck it will be entertaining and possibly even a bit interesting too!