All About Gadgets

Hey there RVers. Here is our list of must-have products to make your camping/glamping experience easier. All products have been purchased and used by us. 

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Mango and June's Top 6

Portable Ice Maker


Our #1 favorite product. Ever try making ice while the rig is moving? We like an afternoon embellishment and ice is a requirement. After a day of travel, plug in the Ice Maker and get setup. You'll have a basket of ice just in time for happy hour.

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Washer / Spinner


This is a real time saver and it's fun to use. (Yes I really said that.) No need to save quarters for the expensive on-site laundry or worse yet, search out the local laundromat in town. We place it in the shower and use the water connection there. (Just don't forget to empty your gray tank first.)

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Bissell Bagless Vac


Lightweight and easy to store, this handy vac will quickly eliminate all that beach sand. 15 ft cord, weighs less than 8 lbs, auto cord rewind, bagless and comes with attachments. We store ours under the bed where it's easy to access.

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3 Quart Instapot


The perfect size for two. Set it up outside your rig and keep the kitchen cool (and no lingering food odors).

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Kindle EReader


Download books from Amazon or use the Libby app (available on iOS and Android) and link to your local library for a vast selection of books and audiobooks. Paperwhite allows you to read at night without lights or read at the beach in the bright sunlight.

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Amazon Fire Stick


Even glamping requires a little TV watching. We like the Fire Stick with it's usb power connection and a few favorite apps like Hulu and MLB At Bat.

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